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Sunday 28 March 2021

9km run & 5km hike

Aberdeen Country Park

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Join us in a celebration of fitness, friendship, family and diversity at Hong Kong's second Pride Run. Pride Run Hong Kong 2020 will be Hong Kong’s second formally organized LGBTQI+ running event and will include a 9 km run or a 5 km family friendly hike with finisher medals, t-shirts and a post run picnic in the park.

We welcome runners and walkers of all paces and abilities.

Hong Kong's second annual Pride Run is organised by Out in Hong Kong and Front Runners Hong Kong with logistical support provided by RaceBase.



參加香港第二屆的自豪跑,去慶祝身心健康,友誼,家庭及多元化的活動。Pride Run Hong Kong 2020 將會正式舉辦香港第二次的LGBTQI+跑步活動,包括進行一個9公里跑步項目或一個5公里遠足項目,活動包括完成獎章,T恤和賽後野餐。





香港第二屆的“自豪跑”由Out in Hong Kong和 Front Runners Hong Kong 組織,並由RaceBase提供後勤支持。



The 2021 Hong Kong Pride Run will be held on 28th March.

The 9km run starts at 9:00 am.

The 5km hike starts at 9:30 am.

Please plan to be arrive 15-20min early to take part in the warm-up and announcement activities.

There will be bag check available prior to the event. 











The 2020 Hong Kong Pride Run will start at the Aberdeen Country Park PHAB Barbeque site.

Find out more CLICK HERE

​本次活動的舉辦地點在Aberdeen PHAB Barbecue Area 香港仔傷健樂園燒烤區


Proceeds from the pride run will be donated to local LGBTQ+ charities. 

本次活動的收益將捐贈給當地的LGBTQ +慈善機構。

AIDS Concern is an HIV/AIDS charity NGO which works to prevent new HIV infections in Hong Kong and to support people living with HIV. Most of their work is funded through public donations. AIDS Concern gives education to young people at risk of HIV and provides free HIV testing to find people who have become HIV positive. Trained staff and volunteers also give support and practical help to people living with HIV.

Donations from the Pride Run will be used to fund AIDS Concern's sexuality education for young people in Hong Kong. This will ensure that AIDS Concern staff and volunteers can develop materials and run workshops for hundreds of young people at risk of HIV. The education will include information about HIV, safer sex, gender and sexual orientation.

AIDS Concern是一個艾滋病毒/艾滋病慈善組織,旨在預防香港新的艾滋病毒

AIDS Concern為有艾滋病風險的年輕人提供教育,並提供免費的艾滋病毒檢測
來自Pride Run的捐款將用於資助AIDS Concern對香港年輕人的性教育。這將

A Place To Be Yourself (APTBY) is a drop-in and resource centre for the local LGBTIQ+ community in Siem Reap, Cambodia. APTBY is a safe and comfortable space where people can come to hang out, meet others from the community and learn about gender and sexuality, health care that is available to them (both mental and physical), and their rights in Cambodia. APTBY provides free counselling and has free condoms available for the local LGBTIQ+ community.

Donations that are received from the HK Pride Run will be used to provide scholarships for Khmer LGBTIQ+ individuals to study Professional Health Counselling in Phnom Penh. This is a 2-year Western-standard course where individuals will learn about themselves and go on to help the wider community. APTBY has already provided 2 scholarships to Khmer LGBTIQ+ individuals who are just about to finish their first year.

A Place To Be Yourself (APTBY) 是柬埔寨暹粒當地LGBTIQ +社區的一個不用預約的資源中心。 APTBY是一個安全舒適的空間,人們可以來這裡聚會,與社區中的其他人交流,了解性別和性行為,他們可以獲得的健康護理(精神和身體)以及他們在柬埔寨的權利。 APTBY提供免費諮詢服務,並為當地LGBTIQ +社區提供免費安全套。 從HK Pride Run收到的捐款將用於為高棉LGBTIQ +個人提供獎學金,以便在金邊學習專業健康諮詢。透過這個為期兩年的西方標準課程,學習者將更加了解自己並繼續幫助更廣泛的社區。 APTBY已經為即將完成第一年的高棉LGBTIQ +個人提供了2個獎學金。


5KM Route

9KM Route


5k Early bird price = $299
10k Early bird price = $399


Regular Pricing

5k = $350
10k = $450


Same day if not sold out : 
5k = $400
10k = $500